Cristiano Leads Platoon to Record Victory

Alpha platoon won the Heritage Football summer platoon competition. Congratulations to captain Cristiano Palazzo, co-captain Logan Fredric and the entire platoon. Cristiano led his platoon to a win by a record-setting margin.

Each year during summer camp the football program elects eight platoon captains. Players are offered a professional interview with the coaches by demonstrating leadership in the classroom and on the field. If the player is chosen by the coaches to be one of eight captains, the player must then use his knowledge of the team, and each player’s skills to draft a platoon best fit for victory. During the summer each platoon competes with each other to prove superiority.

Cristiano and Logan’s platoon, Alpha, led throughout the summer. The platoon fought through adversity with the leadership of the captains. At the conclusion of summer, Alpha platoon beat the second place platoon by a record of 20,000 platoon dollars. This currency is earned by having the hardest working, most attentive, and tightest platoon .